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Shout Out to our Friends!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable July 4th this year! July has been moving so fast and the temperatures has not been very pleasant either. Nevertheless, it's been enjoyable for Rick's Hit the Spot! Lots of Fun and Amazing People!
We are so excited for what's coming up in our Schedule of Events! Working on a few projects that will take Rick's Hit The Spot to another level! Are you ready? Everyone has to Stay Tuned!

To Chef John & Mrs Linda!!

Thank You so much for your Kind words!! Rick & I enjoy you so much when you come; and to meet your wife, was Exceptional!!
Chef John, please know we don't take it lightly of your Presence you bring to us. So inspiring to know of someone of you & your wife status that can Compliment us; is truly a Blessing! Rick & I shall never forget the both of you. We pray for God's many blessings to come to you & your family!! Love you both!!

Thank You to Lowes Home Improvement Team!

We say "Thank You" for your loyal support to us. First of all, we give a Shout Out to Mr Terrell for giving us this Opportunity to serve at Lowes, your support to us have been Outstanding making sure that were comfortable and taken care of. The Management Staff: Alfredo, Jessica, Gymo (im sorry for the misspell) Clarence etc.. and Lowes Amazing Staff. The Eatstreet Inc.. Steve .. Thank you!!
It is our pleasure to serve you and the Community of Goodyear. We look forward to bring our Community Good Food and a Good Service! Please let us know if we could be of any assistance to you.

Our Journey to the Food Truck Industry!

So many have asked " What was the process of getting started in the Food Truck Industry for Rick's Hit The Spot?
Though we had a lot to tell , we only wanted to share the good of our story never intended for those to be discouraged in the process.  
Our Transition from Ohio to Arizona was very Tiresome driving 5 long days on the road leaving Family & Friends behind was heartbreaking ,but we were on a Lifetime Dream that we could only imagine of having.

40 years Restrauranter ate @ Rick's Hit The Spot! Wow!

Everyday we meet so many Wonderful people @ Lowes Home Center! Serving Good Food on the go, as people gather Home supplies for their Upcoming Projects!! Amazingly, a 40 year Restauranteur stopped by and ordered "The Italian Sausage" and small talk. We were intrigued of his experience in the Restaurant Industry and how he still desires to do so. Rick & I have learned how to listened to wise counsel and he was really pouring it on us!! Well, he departed his way to his car; he soon returned to say (and I quote) "that was the Best Sausage I've ever had" WoW! That made our day!! Thank You Sir!! We love to see you again!!

Future Food Truck Vendor Customers!

On Saturday afternoon, A very nice couple stopped by and ordered a Pulled Pork & Chicken Club Combo!!They were very pleasant to talk to and spoke of their Dream of starting a Food Truck Business;  Bringing Chicago style food to the State Arizona!! Yeaaaaa! We were gladly excited to answer any questions or concerns that they had. So happy for them!! It just brought memories; happy memories!! Yes, Let's Do it!! At Rick's Hit The Spot, we are here for you both!! Thank you that you've enjoyed the food! Hope to see soon!!

Summertime Menu!

Stay tuned to our New Summertime Menu at Rick's Hit The Spot! It is guaranteed to be a Cool and Exciting Menu for everyone to enjoy!! Very Excited!!

Firefighter Mr Lyle!

Met a wonderful young man who is nationally known as the Firefighter Chef!! Stop by to order one our Special of the day "Chicken Salad on Croissant" As he shared his amazing story of the various Food competitions that he been involved in, I thought," I hopes he likes it". Well, Mr Lyle returned to tell us that he liked the Chicken Salad and that he would be back!! Wow! We were so happy, especially Rick! Thank you Mr Lyle!!

Food Truck Vendor from Phoenix!

Shout out to the Food Truck Vendor from Phoenix!! I'm sorry that I didn't get his name but that he stop by to acknowledge our Food Truck Business was Amazing!! He left with some Encouraging words that put a smile on my face. It wasn't about Competition but being a Team Player!! I thought, their are some Food Truck Vendors out there who really do care about what we are doing! Very Inspiring!! Thank You Sir!

Our New Friends! Josh, Andrea and Little Princess Emma

Thank you all for your Continued Support!! Rick & I look forward seeing you guys every week and you always stop by!! So glad you guys like the Burgers, Protein Burgers & New Grilled Cheese for little Emma!! We look forward working with your Company in purchasing your Amazing Products to enhance our Food Truck Business!! Thank you so much!!
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